Washington Redskins Were Also Interested In Trading For Joe Flacco


Quarterback Joe Flacco has been on the ground in Denver and has already took his physical with the Broncos, according to Sports Illustrated.

The trade between the Baltimore Ravens and Broncos is set to become official when the new league year kicks off on March 13, 2019. As we noted last week, the Ravens are set to send a mid-round draft pick to Denver for their former franchise quarterback.

One of the reasons why Denver wanted to get things done quickly is because the Washington Redskins were also in the mix to land Flacco.

Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a gruesome compound fracture in Week 11 of last season and there is a very real chance he isn’t ready to play next season. He’s already had multiple surgeries on the leg since suffering the injury.

The Redskins will most likely look to free agency to acquire another quarterback or could revisit trade scenarios with other teams.