Surprise Return Closes WWE RAW, WrestleMania 35 Match Likely


Dave Bautista made a surprise return to WWE on last night’s episode of RAW from Atlanta, Georgia.

Bautista, who wrestles simply as Batista, came out during the closing segment that was the 70th birthday celebration for Ric Flair. It was hosted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

WWE set up the segment so when Flair was announced to come out, he didn’t show. Backstage, cameras showed Batista dragging a cameraman over to Flair’s designated locker room. Batista then dragged Flair out of the room and Batista asked Triple H if he had his attention now.

Hunter scrambled out of the ring and ran to the back to check on Flair, with Batista not being seen again. The show went off the air with Triple H and other officials checking on The Nature Boy.

Behind-the-scenes, Batista is likely back to feud with Triple H for a match at WrestleMania 35. It was the perfect opportunity for WWE to bring him back as he was in the Atlanta area working on a film project. When he got to the arena earlier in the evening, WWE kept him hidden to prevent it from leaking on social media.

We noted previously Bautista was in talks with WWE to return at WrestleMania 35 but All Elite Wrestling also had interested in his services. It looks like he’ll have yet another run in WWE at the age of 50.