San Diego Padres Not Ruling Out Signing Bryce Harper After Landing Manny Machado


The San Diego Padres have already made one big splash in free agency as they’ll sign Manny Machado for a reported $300 million over 10 years, but there could be another surprise signing ahead.

Jon Heyman of the MLB Network reports the Padres are not ruling out signing free agent All-Star outfielder Bryce Harper as well. With a $110 million payroll, they’re still lower than most clubs.

As previously reported, while the Philadelphia Phillies are the assumed favorites to land Harper, sources are noting Harper is unsure about signing with them. Jon Heyman noted just yesterday that Harper’s free agency could extend out a few or even several more days.

Harper is expected to command every bit of the money Machado got if not more. He is already reported to have several long-term offers for $30 million a year.