Giants CEO Larry Baer Involved In Troubling Physical Altercation With Wife


TMZ Sports uncovered troubling footage of San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer that apparently showed him getting into a physical altercation with his wife Pam at a public park on Friday.

What started as a loud verbal argument witnessed by many people, got physical when Larry attempted to pry a cell phone out of his wife’s hands.

During the struggle, Larry knocked Pam out of her chair and onto the ground. She screamed, “Oh my god. Help!” Baer immediately retreated, while saying, “Stop. Pam, stop.”

She continued to state, “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

TMZ Sports reports police were not called to the scene but bystanders stepped in to help diffuse the situation. TMZ spoke with Pam, who said they were having a family fight about someone in her family.

Larry Baer spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle and released the following statement:

“My wife and I had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member & she had an injured foot and she fell off her chair in the course of the argument.”

“The matter is resolved. It was a squabble over a cell phone. Obviously it’s embarrassing.”

Police are interviewing witnesses and investigating the incident. Major League Baseball issued the following statement:

“Major League Baseball is aware of the incident and, just like any other situation like this, will immediately begin to gather the facts. We will have no further comment until this process is completed.”

Larry Baer was named COO of the Giants in May 1996, team president in October 2008 and CEO on January 1, 2012. He and Pam have four children together.

The troubling footage of the incident is embedded above.