Antoine Griezmann Says Diego Costa Best He’s Played With, Messi Or CR7 Best Of All Time


Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann spoke with Oh My Goal to promote the launch of the biggest five-a-side football complex in the South of France and his football shoes Puma Future and Puma One. The interview is a “Who’s the best” interview that we have transcribed in English below.

The video is above.

“I’m more stressed trying to get a Victory Royale on Fortnite than I am in front of the goal,” Griezmann said.

Who is the best player you have ever played with?

“I would have to say… Diego Costa, for the support he gives me on the field because he allows me to play freely. He’s a guy I really work well with on the pitch. We understand each other with a single look, we know where we’re both at. On top of that he’s a fighter and he brings that out in me, which I love. It’s rare to have that with a teammate.”

Who is the best player you’ve faced on the field?

“I would say de Jong from Ajax Amsterdam. Because I tried to put pressure on him and never succeeded.”

Who is the best defender you’ve faced?

“I would say Pepe because he’s always breathing down your neck. He’s always on top of you and he’s a player who’s very difficult to get past”

Who is the best player of all time?

“Best player of all time? Well, you know… It depends on era, but I would say either Messi or Cristiano. I never saw how Maradona and Pele played. It’s a tough question, everyone has their own style. There’s also Zidane… Zidane won the World Cup, Messi and Ronaldo never have.”

The most skillful player:

“I would say it’s between Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele. Yeah they’re the gold standard!”

Your dream five-a-side team?

“I’d go with Ousmane Dembele. And I would say, NG, N’golo Kante. Because you never lose when he’s on your team. I would take Godin, because he always finds a way to cheat and win. I’ve picked three right? With me, four! And the last person… Beckham! No keeper. An open goal.”

Your best football memory?

“When we moved into the first division with Real Sociedad. It was honestly the first time that my knees were shaking. Because it was my first year, and the atmosphere was incredible. It was all new for me and it was intimidating.”

Your best celebration?

“The most recent one, the guitar!”

Your best goal?

“Against Real Sociedad with Atletico de Madrid. When I made a run from the midfield and chipped one past the goalie.

A Top 1 in Fortnite or a last minute goal?

“Ah I think it’s the Victory Royale. I’m more stressed trying to get a Victory Royale than when I’m in the area.